Monday, September 3, 2007

In lieu of my previous post, I have thought a lot about creativity. We all have it; we just have to let it out. Learning with others and from others is always productive to crank out designs, but having people count on you in a high stakes game can put the pressure on until something comes out as well. Target has always given back to its community and its designers have made a place for themselves in this game. So they make us “Fabuless” it’s a dream come true. We get to look good, we don’t have to pay a fortune, and there are at least a few less starving artist out there. The community gets something back, and we get spared from the endless borage of runway models strutting clothes that nobody who isn’t committed to anorexia could wear. My only hope is that originality doesn’t get sacrificed for the better of the team.

I live in the real world. It isn’t beautiful and glamorous sometimes, but its mine. You can tell that the “Who’s who” of target think more about design for convenience and functionality in their products, communities, websites and stores. People will always shop at Target, there will always be a need for better design, and designers who get lucky enough to be recruited by the Target team should play the game. Because for the rest of us whose games may be in very different quarters, innings or plays believe that anytime a powerful teammate will come in and help us out. Until then we should let our creativity run wild and design for our passions.

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