Monday, September 3, 2007

Does creativity have to be innate?

Sometimes we have to tackle a problem straight on and beat it to death with a hammer. To think less AND more and reverse our process. A design collective. We all know the people at Droog feel this way and while I cannot put my full support behind every one of these “dry” designs, I can however not help but believe that we all need to think this way in a world where so many of us get lost. So many other designers, so many other designs, how can we make sure we really have something special? Droog believes in reaching out together, and reaching out to us. Like with this do-it-yourself Drood starters kit:

Design needs to be innovative and consider better ways for everyone and the planet. We all live here, we all have different needs, and we all can’t go it alone. So I suggest that to really realize out full creative potential we need to see it in others first.

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