Saturday, December 1, 2007

Artist Statement

My hollow fabrication project was based around the work of designer Arik Levy, the Belgian company Materialise, the idea of private, and the process of rapid manufacturing. I wanted to be inspired by Levy, not limited by form, and consider private for my work. I experimented with positive and negative space, and the element of shape. I came up with an original form that cannot be directly identified as anything, but figuratively speaks to the individual. I wanted my form to be free and organic, unlike most examples of hollow fabrication that have uniform thickness and harsh angles. I deconstructed this method and mentality to reveal pure form. Simple and consciously executed was my goal. They inspire thought and speak differently from person to person. The size and scale of my shapes complement the human figure. The negative space allows the skin to show through and mimics the positive space, constructed out of metal, in hopes of achieving a positive/negative reversal. I choose to apply ambiguous surface textures to my pieces so the viewer can typify their symbolic representation in there own way. I feel it is up to the viewer to question what it is, and for the wearer, to know what it means to them. When worn these pendants flow with the form of the body, they do not box anything in despite their box type construction. I believe a success for the element of shape within the constraints of hollow fabrication.

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RDortzbach said...

sorry it took me way to long to comment, but i think you express yourself very well in writing. What a wonderful talent to have:-). Artist statements are difficult to know what information is needed but I think you did a wonderful job of giving us the basics without over dramatizing things. Clear, concise, well written. bravo