Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I found some very disturbing pictures when I googled the word Uvula. However disturbing, they are informative and I believe only add onto the feelings we connote for the "dangley thing" hanging in the back of all of our mouths.

The oral stage is the first in psychosexual development and believed by some to carry on into the later of our lives. All of our pleasure is gained through the mouth in this stage, and I too believe it doesn't stop there. We protect our mouths, we put makeup on our mouths, we pierce, we kiss, we eat, we talk and we breath through our mouths. Contained in all these is an excitement and a celebration.

I want to take all of those things that our mouths and their parts do and try to convey the word Uvula (which is also just cool to say) on a deeper level.

Here is the uvula and some close-ups of human skin:




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